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Sub-floor, Wood & Hard Floor Drying

People used to replace wooden floorboards after flooding and extremely serious water damage—but not anymore. In the present day, advancement in technology have brought to market numerous specialised equipment and tools that can be used to dry wooden floors efficiently rather than having to demolish and replace the floorboards.

Flood Services Brisbane is here to provide prompt sub-floor, wood, and hard floor drying solutions if you experience any kind of water damage that has occurred on your property, Our objective is simple- to save you the hassles and expense of replacing your subfloor or floor, by offering outstanding wood and hard floor drying services in Brisbane.

We will carry out methodical water extraction as well as a detailed assessment of the damage to your wooden floor when you call us on our 24/7 emergency service. All of the freestanding water will first be extracted after which the areas will be air-dried and dehumidified. This removes all the moisture from the wooden floorboards.

The Vitality of Dry Sub-Floor

If any moisture, dampness, or water is enabled to linger in wooden flooring, it can act as a catalyst for mould and rot growth, which will lead to a direct impact on the structural integrity of for your home or commercial building. In such situations, timely intervention is crucial, as is the use of a suitable method for the subfloor, wood, and hard floor drying to whoever Brisbane residents that need it.

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You do not have to worry about our quality. We have vast experience in this industry and never compromise on the service quality that we provide our clients. Our team has handled a significant number of similar projects in the past which means that they are able to tackle even the most challenging water damage mitigation and restoration jobs expertly. We work diligently, professionally and efficiently in order to give our customers100% satisfaction with the services provided.

24/7 Emergency Water Extraction and Wood Floor Drying

In order to provide our Brisbane-based customers a superior and comprehensive wood floor drying services, we make use of the latest equipment and tools . We always recommend to our clients that they should call us as soon as flooding occurs, rather than defer the job to a later point.

Once we pick up your call, our team will be deployed immediately and will reach your site within the hour. They start the work without delay after a quick assessment and use the latest techniques. This fast action helps prevent the wood from warping and cupping.

You can rely on our 24/7 Emergency Water Extraction services. We are truly 24/7 and you should never hesitate to call us regardless of the time of day or night that you face a water flooding problem on your residential or commercial property. We are proud of the fact that our company is a leading operator in this industry providing customized hard floor drying services in Brisbane.

Why Flood Services Brisbane?

  • Experienced and reputed operators
  • A licensed and insured company
  • Qualified and enthusiastic technicians that perform all their jobs with dedication, efficiency, and speed
  • Focus on 100% customer satisfaction
  • Use of the latest technology and tools in our work
  • Prioritize resolving our customers’ concerns
  • Complete the work within the shortest possible time
  • Focus on safety, reliability, and
  • Outstanding customer service and technical support.
  • Cost-effective solutions.
  • Professional, customized and personalized services

If you reside in Brisbane and you make the decision to give us a call for handling sub-floor and hardwood floor drying, we guarantee that you can sit back and have a completely stress-free experience while our team handles every little aspect of the job.

Customised Wood And Hard Floor Drying Brisbane

Flood Services Brisbane is very transparent in its approach and handles all business dealings with honesty. We are ethical and consistent and always ensure that our work is carried out safely and in line with existing rules and regulations. Our company provides upfront quotes which means you never have to pay more than what you expected.

We guarantee you that there will be no hidden fees or charges and you are always assured of value for money. Regardless of whether you need a small scale water damage job handled or a large scale water damage restoration and mitigation project completed, we are the company to call.

The focus is on ensuring that our wood and hard floor drying services exceed our Brisbane’s customer expectations. We always look to build solid working relationships with our clients. For any more information, feel free to contact Flood Services Brisbane.


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  1. Cordoning the area. Mould removal dependably expects you to start by sealing the area with plastic and tape before doing any work. This prevents the potentially dangerous mould spores contained in the work area itself, instead of distributing the mould throughout the house.
  2. A water vacuum cleaner will clean stagnant water and water-soaked surfaces, as well as vacuum the mould itself. It is not a smart move for using a dry vacuum to remove mould because it will cause the mould spores launch into the air.
  3. At Flood Services Brisbane, we will clean the area using everything we have. This can include scrubbing, scraping, cleaning dust and dirt with vacuum, and even the removal of construction materials, furniture and anything else affected by mould. Everything that is extracted from the area should be put in plastic bags and labelled before being discarded completely for good.
  4. Ensuring the area is dry is the last step. We make sure that we have thoroughly dried the area by using fans, dehumidifiers. If it does not dry completely before performing restoration work, it is very likely to have mould spread in your house again. If you have black mould, green mould, or any other type, call Flood Services so that we can provide you with a mould removal service as soon as possible. Do not forget your home and your wellbeing depend on this.

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