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When floodwaters have affected your property, you may be hopeless as to whether you can reclaim much of it or not. You see how your carpets are ruined, and your building’s structural material appears to be soaked up and rotted beyond repair. One thing that you should remember is that once the water is removed, many of these items can be restored to their original state, including wood and other water permeable materials.

You do not have to suffer further from the flood damage by having to throw out your carpet or get rid of part of your building. Our emergency team can remove the water for you and provide effective water restoration and drying services that get you right back where you are supposed to be.

Contact Flood Services to benefit from our services in Brisbane

Flood Services are a reliable, professional cleaning service providing effective 24 hour emergency services to both residential and commercial customers experiencing water and flood damage in the Brisbane. Our team consists of experienced professionals who use only the latest, most superior water extraction techniques, materials and equipment. Our team of knowledgeable technicians will assess the water and flood damage that has occurred, and then determine what method is most ideal to rectify the situation.

We have various services that we offer our clients:

  • Water extraction service– We use the latest tools and equipment on the market to do water extraction, leak detection and dehumidification to guarantee a protective and effective service – you will attain the much-desired outcomes. You can simply trust us to get to your property on time and fix everything with a 100% guarantee.
  • Wet carpet cleaning service– Removing the floating water being the most principal one, there are different methodologies, for example, blow drying. The reason behind this development is to impact an immense stream of air to disperse the dampness out of the carpet or the underlay. We are the ace wet carpet cleaners in the Blue Mountains – call us as soon as you notice any damage and prevent your carpets from becoming waste material.
  • Flood damage restoration service– Flood damage is one of the worst and it can impact almost everything inside a property from furniture to walls. Structural damage is no surprise either. We will spare no effort in assessing the damages and do our best to get a perfect end result.

What to expect from our emergency drying services

At Flood Services Brisbane, we will work quickly and efficiently to make full repairs and to restore any items you have that are affected by the water. The sooner we are able to get in there and do our job, the more fully we will be able to restore your property. In numerous  cases, we  have been able to pull off a successful full restoration process on our client’s property, but they do have to act quickly and call us as soon as they notice flood damage. This allows us to start drying and removing the water before it causes  permanent bad effect like rotting.

Our flood restoration services can also get rid of mold growth that can occur on carpets, rugs, furniture and structural materials. Once water gets in, the mold spores that are floating around in the air can start to take root and grow quickly, creating an unhealthy environment that can trigger allergic reactions and cause breathing difficulties. Our team is able to completely remove the mold growth after drying and make your home or business safe again.

Our Expertise

  • 24/7 emergency response water damage remediation services
  • Customized solutions
  • Personalized attention
  • Efficient and safe working
  • Start to end water extraction and restoration in Brisbane
  • Cater to commercial and residential clients
  • Use of latest technology and tools
  • Detailed assessment of damage
  • Assistance with insurance claims processes
  • For more information, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Flood Services Brisbane.


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Hygiene is our absolute priority. We never lose sight of it and do not rest before we leave everything tidy. We deliver craftsmanship at an unbeatable price. Feel free to request a free quote and be completely convinced. We have flexible working hours and are happy to adapt according to your needs. We work with attention to your business – your success is our success. Our prices are clear and do not change. No surprises or extra costs. Our employees are motivated, punctual, honest and reliable.

For all your flood or storm damage jobs, we employ specialists who are experts in their field. Our specialists have all completed internal and external subject-specific training. We offer water, flood and storm damage restoration services as well as wet carpet cleaning services. If you have a specific request, please contact us.

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